sales for real people


Founded in 2022, Company Studio works at the intersection of sales, marketing, and communication to help our clients to find more clients and make more sales.

We work together and apart: through co-creation sessions, asynchronous work, and direct consultation to get to results using the most efficient methods.

We help our clients to better understand why they exist, what they stand for, and how to reach new clients, customers, and audiences.

Hi, I'm Penny, founder of Company Studio.

I’ve worked with clients ranging from Twitter to Tetra Pak across Australia, Europe, the US and South America.

Prior to becoming self-employed in 2019, I headed up business development at ustwo in Sydney and AJ&Smart in Berlin, giving me not only extensive experience building pipeline and selling services, but deep expertise across the product design, innovation, and technology spaces.

Along with my small team, I bring this unique insight to help my clients to market and sell their services more efficiently, effectively, and joyfully.
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