Our services

sales & marketing strategy

We help our clients to win more new clients using the power of great positioning, powerful sales techniques, and customer-centred strategy.

  • We work with out clients to craft clear, compelling positioning that will helps them to market and sell their services with ease.

  • We teach our clients how to make the most of their sales process in order to build transparent, trusting relationships with their clients and customers.

  • We create new business strategy that empowers our clients to find more of the projects and clients they love.

sales for freelancers

In our 4-week program, we teach the foundational skills our trainees need to market and sell their services with confidence and joy.

  • Every week, we'll deep dive into each stage of the sales process, from new business, to sales calls, positioning, pitching, decks, proposals and pricing.

  • We'll deliver hands-on, actionable, proven strategies, techniques and approaches so that our trainees know exactly how to find more new business and close more deals.

  • We share everything our trainees need to sell with confidence, from templates, to personalised feedback, concrete processes, and nuanced advice and guidance.

COAching & advisory

One-on-one coaching for CEOs, business owners, and ambitious professionals wanting to reach their potential.

  • For those who need someone to push them forward to achieving their highest potential, Penny acts as an ally, accountability buddy, a supporter, and challenger.

  • Working together, Penny and her clients set goals at the beginning of each quarter year and work effectively to achieve them.

  • A blend of coaching and advisory means that whatever expertise and experience Penny can share with her clients, she will, helping them to get to their goals faster.